DRAGONlord Armor_Celtic Heroes.jpg

From Dragonlord to Exalted Dragonlord armor

It was a long grind of camping and battling other clans in lock battles for Dragonlord pieces.

Apart from it, donations from kind fellow players filled in the missing pieces, and lo we have our Dragon Lord armor.

Dragonlord Celtic heroes

Dragonlord Celtic heroes

Dragonlord Celtic heroes
Dragonlord Celtic heroes

Then it happened. The Free For All clan disbanded. Apparently the lack of number in the server blocked progression for everyone.

Without the need for lock battles, suddenly EDL became accessible to me!

More months of camping, more kind people helped to donate missing pieces.

I swapped to tank build immediately after getting the DL shield to get the EDL bosses down more easily. It worked and slowly , but surely, the pieces came in.

The armor was finally collected in full. Unlocking the Exalted Dragonlord Armor meant I could tank 210s and 215s even if six stars were spawned. This allowed me to get in killing groups more easily.

I got to know great healers in the journey, like Lord Soth, Deirdre, Icehealer, Coors, Khiladhi, Airmid ,Dark druid, Ghosts girl ,and many others I could not name off the top of my head.

The symbiotic relationship between a tank and healer is imperative for the kill to succeed. Thankfully , these healers looked past the my inexperience and gears, and we downed bosses after bosses.

And finally, after months….the prize!

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