And lo it was six stars

Waited for 215,EDL, a gold coloured beholder guarding the end of a corridor in Forbidden Halls. Met a ranger with the best fashion IMO.

We hit gold. A 6 star spawned and started doing cha cha on the dps.

I quickly threw a taunt and ran to the corner to position the boss.

215 does an area of effect spell, hence it is best they are tanked at a corner to reduce adds being called, and allow ranged to attack at maximum range without being hit by the aoe.

This is all I can see when tucked at a corner.

Popped a defence elixir, as well as s health regeneration elixir. Health was still plunging as the boss autos are landing hard despite increased defence.

Popped a sweet roll.

Now health looks… well healthy.

We down the 215 and I thought that was it.

A red conjuring dropped!

This is getting exciting….

Let’s see if my rolls work out…

I rolled a low 28, but everyone else was lower ROFL. I beat a 27!

Well rewarded for the lix and food! Groovy.


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