Do skills clip auto attacks

Was in a discussion, and someone raised the point that due to length of animation of Giant Swing , it is a DPs loss to cast.

Hence the question is raised:

“Do skills clip auto attacks?”

Or simply put; do we do less auto attacks when we use skills?

Having levelled my warrior through the past year, my initial feeling was a no.

The answer, after testing , however, was yes. Skills can, and often will, cause clipping of auto attacks.

Warriors are strength based, auto attacks make up 40% to 70% of total DPs over a 15min fight depending on build, gear and amount of focus w consumables.

However, we can work around this clipping to minimize it.

By timing our skills instead of wtfbbqpewpew casting everything at once, we can minimize clipping as seen on my test videos.

Autos that fit within the cast time of a skill will fire. Autos that are out of small cast times will be clipped. If a cast can fit more than one auto, both will fire. At least 70% of the 2nd auto must fit in the cast time.

Hence, do not chain all skills at once, allow some autos to fire first before timing casts to maximize focus and autos.

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