Proteus Base

After a quick 5 star 215, which dropped a green conjure, Taranis United proceeded to Arcane Sanctum to take on Proteus Base.

We had 2 tanks, and Ryan was selected to tank adds.

Adds tanking is rather simple :

1) picking up adds and move up the staircase near the entrance to the room.

I do not always stay up as some mobs can get stuck casting Malice Blasts and will be slightly out of melee range.

You don’t have to pick up all the adds on your own, others can pick the adds from behind the room and bring them to your Warcry range.

2) Stay up the stairs until main tank pulls Proteus. Or he may get aggroed.

3) Spam warcry on cool down.

4) The tricky part about tanking adds is that there is no healer for you. The tank is required to have enough evasions to reduce melee and special attacks plus stun attacks below tanks’s health regeneration.

Fortunately we have help.

A) Defense and Health regeneration Elixirs.

B) shield wall and bear resilience.

C) Rabbit heals

D) Food. Sweet rolls for defence and health regeneration. Bannocks for 720 health every 5secs.

E) Restoration potions.

F) Ask a druid to help.

To gain aggro on adds, we can use EDL offhand and sweeping blows on top of warcries.

We took prot down in 13mins.

Let us know how you do it.

Proteus prime adds tanking
Proteus prime adds tanking position

*See Proteus Guide Part 2


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