Tanking 190 Magister Skath

Armed with Edl armor, we matched into the red Infernal Armories of Gelebron.

The constructs along the halls only mark the power of their master.

The great Pentagon room houses the true master of the armories. A magister whose magic is matched only by Gelebron himself!

Many teams have come for his trials and failed. Will we succeed?

The magister skath casts the following spells :

ELDRICH FIRE – damage over time

STYGIAN FROST – hits on target and his or her immediate surrounding friends as well.

CHAOS RIFT – An aoe slam that hits all in melee range.

Similar to all other EDL bosses, the magister casts storm of chaos that kills anyone without full Exalted Dragonlord Armor.

The Magister Skath seems intimidating at first, a small combination of spells can barrage a tank for easily over 15k resisted damage. We have one druid healer. Fortunately, he is Icehealer, a mighty veteran who can keep the entire raid up without breaking a sweat.

Maybe Icehealer did sweat, but we would not know.

Timing shield wall and bash is vital here. And once we have the hang of it, the fight becomes trivial.

Magister Skath have very weak autos, if he even auto at all. As long as we shield wall or bash to break his barrage of devastating spells like chaos rift, we are pretty safe to even pick up a couple of stray adds or 2.

He drops Incantations, Unknowns and Illusions.


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