Dressed to Kill

The leather lining of the new Dragon Lord helm slides comfortably over his slick white hair; Ryan pulls the clasps down tightly and clips them in place.

He can already feel the magical energies coursing through him, the mythical armor forged within Fingal’s huge caverns glows with a mighty aura. Maybe he is ready for the red dragon Mordris.

“And this”, says Fiacha, “this is the key to Mordris’ fall ….” her trembling hands pulls away an ancient linen cloth and reveals a shield with such craftsmanship that could easily be on par with the relics in Thomas’ room.

Now onward, to the Dragon’s abode!


I hope this compilation of DL/EDL/DG stats helps you to see which gear suits the occasion.

One question comes to mind : are the Doch Gul Feet and Legs’ vitality and defence worth giving up the resists and skills? What do you think?

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