Hung up about Hrungnir

“So you are the new recruit of Samsara that Zeeshan was talking about.”

A purple figure appears in front of Ryan Dragon, startling him and the bear.

“I am Aurora Moon, and we have a mission. Follow me, I will explain later.”

Hrungnir was a jötunn, and ultimately defeated by Thor himself.

However, his immortal essence persists, and has now taken the form of a gruesome troll amassing an army of trolls within the Murky Vaults.

Striding across a dark stone bridge, Ryan could see the rest of the party assembled. They spoke in whispers as the trolls lumbered about in a strange stupor.

Trolls possess extraordinary strength, and they are nearly indestructible. Ryan tried to recall as much as he could in school. Trolls could regenerate much faster than they could be cut down.

As the party engages the troll, Ryan charged at Hrungnir while the ranger and mages fired upon the smaller trolls.

Hrungnir swung a shambling strike upon Ryan, and he was nearly felled from his bear mount.

Hrungnir should be tanked away from bridge, at North side so the adds will not be pulled during the encounter.

Hrungnir has 2 self heals :

Life Drain 5000 on tank, and , at 20%, uses Dark Energy to heal 50000 on himself.

Using a shield wall will stop the life drain, though if the healers are struggling shield wall can be used on shambling strikes.

At 20% it is imperative that the troll be bashed whenever he start casting “Hrungnir begins to feed on Dark Energy ” (words in orange).

As long as the self heals are kept minimal, the troll will eventually fall.

Celtic heroes shield bash hrungnir fetid feast
Celtic heroes shield bash Hrungnir fetid feast

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