I am fire… I am death!

“Fionn!?!” the priestess exclaimed, grasping the side of the mighty dragon Mordris

“No, though they dorn the arms of the Fianna, they are but pale shadows of Fionn.” tendrils of black smoke snaked their way upwards of the brightly lit cavern, Mordris spoke slowly, her gargantuan gaze fell upon Ryan’s shield.

Perspiration flooded in Ryan’s armor, as his heart hammered at the walls of his chest.

“Est sularus oth mithas” he muttered under his breathe, an ancient knight phrase Lord Amadeus taught him. He always found comfort and confidence in memories of his brothers.

Raising the gleaming dragonlord sword high, he rang it against his shield once, and walked towards Mordris and her priestess. Deep within the recesses of his mind, Ryan began to regret swapping his dragonlord helm for a “cool” red Samsara Yule festive hat.

His company followed closely.

Eventually, all MMO raids have a huge fire breathing lizard for the players to kill themselves on.

Mordris , located in the Carrowmore Tunnels, is a 190 6star raid boss that drops some of the best items in the game.

The fight have 3 phases, as follows :

1) Priestess and adds. The raid pulls the adds, and resets Mordris when she roars to life. The tank or the ranger pulls the priestess away from Mordris and resets her so the raid can safely kill off all the ogres, sents and the priestess first. The tank gets in position as soon as the priestess dies.

2) Mordris hits very hard, but her most fearsome attacks lie in reducing the tank’s total health , thus reducing effectiveness of heals as well, and then finish her combo with a fiery breath. The breath weapon itself applies a deadly damage over time effect that will easily kill a weakened tank. Having shield wall up for all of the breath attacks prevent the dot effect somewhat.

In the meantime, the priestess, ogres and sents will respawn and attack the raid. The priestess will also heal Morris. They must be killed as soon as possible.

The druids must also be protected from the ogres and sents.

Mordris also periodically casts Fingals Bane, which will kill anyone not having Aura from wearing the full Dragonlord set of armor. (weapons and offhand not required, though the divine damage is a huge bonus.)

3) When Mordris is dying, she will protect herself with a cloak of fire that damages all who attacks her. She will also do huge area of effect inferno fire damage. Keep shield wall and bashes handy.
As long as the shield walls are timed well, Mordris will give up her coveted loot

Used HP Regeneration lix, defence lix, exquisite sweet rolls.

Notable Mordris tank loot :

1) Void / Darkscale / Shadowscale Helm of Knights, Crusades, Champions and Bastion.

They work with EDL and DL armors, and wil not disrupt the aura.

2) Vitality or Dexterity Halberds / Voidspears

These are vit or def stat sticks since weapon dmg is not much use for us.

3) Shield wall and other skill rings. These rings are useful for hotswapping.

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