The best Tanking necklace.

There’s no beautiful Arwen to gift artifact jewelry in Celtic Heroes; hence every piece of bling we can get our grubby hands on are either off the auction house, begging friends, clan mates and strangers , expensive chests, or taken from bodies cooling rapidly to room temperature.

Having decided that the necklace is the one of the most instrumental path of upgrade he should embark on, Ryan looks at the 3 top pieces as advised. These are questions he had always depended on Ian to pick for him, but Ian is in another plane entirely.

Time like this…..

Ryan came across this bejeweled piece unexpectedly in the auction house, going for 2.5m gold.

How good is this then? Faced with the limited amount of digits in his bank account, Ryan have to make his purchases wisely.

This amulet is fairly straightforward.

The tanking values are :

Vit : 200 (1250hp)

Def : 200

Armor : 120 + 300 on use.

This one is pretty heavy in physical resistance, helps a lot when the boss is swinging autos like Hammerin’ Hank on steroids. Resisted damage are very consistent, but the advantages are only noticeable when stacked.

Most of tank masters recommended this Shinestone beauty, if one could actually find a seller that does not demand an arm, a leg, and a first born.

Vit : 200, plus 1000 hp. Total 2250 hp.

Def : 500 for 15secs on use

Armor : 150

I would be lucky to find one selling this at 3m.

Part of a 3piece set, we will ignore the set bonus for the purpose of comparing just the neck slot.

Taken from a walking tree that hits like walking train, this neck piece has the highest vitality we can find in this slot. Generally worth 6.25 hp per point, vitality powers all of a tanks abilities, giving higher shield wall absorption, increasingly insulting taunts, stronger defence via defensive formation, and thicker armor via protective stance.

Vit : 275 Total 1718 hp.

Def : 360, (Dex x 2)

Armor : 200 on use.

Skain’ s Ironroot Necklace will easily outperform Stargem with higher vitality and defence. Stargem, due to the low level requirements, does not have enough physical resistance to make up for the lower vitality and evasions. The on use armor is strange as almost all bosses run their autos all the time.

It is easy to see why most tanks consider the Poachers necklace their top choice. Highest health by far, decent physical resistance, and 500 all evasion on demand. Skain looks like a good contender, depending on how accessible these necklaces are.

Which do you think is best? Are there any other better ones?

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