The first Dragon of summer

The tunnels shook, sending tremors inexorably through the company that just appeared at the key stone.

A great roar rang across the huge hall of carrowmore tunnels. Ryan’s perplexed looks reflected in Spiderblood’s blue calm eyes.

“Mordris?” Ryan mumbled, but a wave of Spiderbloods gauntleted hands stopped him.

The company rode south of Fianna encampment, the thundering chaos grew louder with their approach.

Ryan was stunned by the bronze dragon in front of the raid. There are other dragons here?

“Dragon Fire!”

The usually calm Spiderblood screamed and charged straight at the huge winged serpent, her shield raised high.

As great magical fire bathed the company, the brunt of the attack softened by Spiderblood’s shield. Before Ryan could react, Deirdre had worked a soothing mist and the burn wounds started to fade.

Similar to the other bosses, the Synak Sunclaw’s deadly attacks can be bashed and shield walled. This dragon does not seem to enrage, and a small group could take down this six star.

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