Lix and pull

Responding to a clan call, Ryan walked to towards the huge wooden gates of Castle Arena. The guard scratched his scruffy chin, and glanced lazily at the warrior in pink.

#protip lose your mount here.

As Ryan marched into the arena, he could hear the clangs of steel ringing, the ground exploding around in cacophony of blood and fire.

The contenders stopped abruptly, and looked at him. Ryan have no experience in arenas, and he knew it was obvious. Unfettered, he removed his shield from the straps and held it close.

And there in the middle of the arena stood a giant.

“Hey Dragon!” a rogue called out, “let’s take down that big guy. I hear there’s a reward…”

Although they had been on each other’s throats merely seconds ago, the rest of the gladiators stopped their battles and assumed their positions around the giant. They moved with such orchestrated motion that Ryan hardly believed they did not planned in advance. But it was apparent that they saw an opportunity in having a tank among them ; they can take down the giant.

The giant stood three times taller than Killain, but there was no room for doubt in Ryan’s mind as the gladiators prepared their attacks in anticipation.

“Go!” Ryan shouted, as he charged at the giant…..Again the ground exploded in great fires around the giant as steel found blood…..

The giant hits like a 5star ring boss, and can be tanked without a healer if using a rabbit or with enough DPs.

The giant reportedly drops 1 to 4 bounty bags among the kill group.

For the effort, Ryan found a wisdom lix. Nothing fantastic, but it’s still loot.

Looking at Ryan’s bags, these are the consumables, and quantities respective to how frequently they are used.

Firstly, the EDL pots are a must for tanking EDL bosses. They negate the effects in specific rooms.

Defence, HP regeneration and armor lixes are vital for almost all boss pulls. I would have hp regeneration lixes at 300 quantity if I could find a seller at a good price. Tanking is an expensive business.

Hrung pot is good to have, but a pain to farm. First you farm the cargo crates around Murky Vaults, then hand them in to the quest giver at Duskeig Sewers, near the time lux vendor.

The 2nd best food for tank buff is the sweet roll, giving defence and hp regeneration. It reasonably costs around 1k, to make or buy. Exquisite and perfect ones cost a lot more of course.

Ryan keeps some attack and haste lixes when he is on adds duty or just dpsing.

Combo lixes are for those tight battles. Small group of like minded individuals taking on dragons meant for much bigger groups. Yep, that kind of fights.

BT pots are required for Blood Thorn, without which anyone will be absolutely useless. It is a MUST.

What do you have in your bags?

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