You no take candle!

Last year’s Yule festival had us running around Lir’s in circuits looking for chests to get different colors of the santa hats.

I was starting Celtic Heroes then, and selling the crackers for the quest turn ins were the best way to fund the gears and consumables required for levelling.

This year, we are challenged with spiders from levels 10 to 20, to farm candles.

Like last year, the quest giver stands at the fountain in Castle Farcrag, and offers “bling bling” versions of the color of your choice via golden candles.

The golden candles are rare versions of the normal candles you need in increasing amounts to unlock the rare white and blacks. Once unlocked you can go for the bling versions.


The hats look very different, makes you horny, and they change your hairstyles as well.

It makes us Baratheon, which is now a dead house, unfortunately. (Spoiler oops)

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