Raiding 101

Teamwork makes the whole fight smooth, and many unsung heroes remain, well, unsung.

After assigning tanks, and healers.Very few players are willing to step up into support roles. Mages who sacrifice skill points for lures, warrior bashers and healers’ protectors are such awesome people they deserve medals made. Not those cheap plastic ones but actual brass ones with names engraved, sitting atop nifty wooden bases.

For example, we had Hrung spawn today. Excitedly, we charged into the troll , not knowing if the healer was even present.

As most dps would do, after the tank has plonked comfortably into position, they would circle to the trolls’ behind and start their little cha chas or whatever dance routine the cool kids are doing these days.

Not Daedrich. He is a rock solid warrior veteran. The moment we take positions he will always be watching out for healers, as most bosses have add call mechanics, and healers will inexorably have the highest raidwide aggro.

This is indispensable, and the real difference between a smooth raid and one that involves a lot of swearing and resurrection idols.

You can see he’s the one busy running around chasing after mobs that have taken an unfortunate liking to the vegans in green.

And here he is right beside me knocking Hrungnir into space with his shield, stopping special attacks and giving healers time to cast their sweet heals. While most other warriors will be trying to show off their sword skills making tiny Hrungnir sushi.

Take your time on the next raid to thank these heroes in disguise. Or are you one of them?

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