Army of Darkness

The murky vaults is an exceptionally busy place; it is the equivalent of Farcrag Castle for undeads and trolls.

Efnisien the Necromancer has been busy raising spirits in this sewage system. Either he is taking extra efforts to migrate the undeads from graveyards, or something is terribly wrong with the sanitation in the game.

Ryan has a theory. The most traditional, and logical, method of tanking is to stack as much hit points, and wear as much steel as your poor mount can possibly carry. That said, the best tanking bracers is undoubtedly the one that packs the most omega 3 goodies and Carbon element : Godly Proto Bracers with Dexterity , Vitality and Defence.

Ryan does not have much luck with these bracers, hence , like any other earnest noobs, he decides the grapes are probably sour anyway, and the bracers probably stinks.

There are alternatives. And one such bracer is kept by the tall skinny pale- looking black-is-the-new-black Efnisien the Necromancer.

How to pry it from his grubby hands, however, is the hard part.

Efnisien stands with two of his acolytes in a square platform linked by two bridges. The bridge from which we enter the platform is where we will pull the necromancer to.

The other bridges will be held by folks who cannot get over the “cool twist” of the famous Bruce Willis movie. The one with the kid that says “I see dead people”.

Ghosts will attempt to cross the bridge during the encounter to increase their native population. Unfortunately, being a ghost is detrimental to our quest for OP gears, hence they must all be destroyed.

These six sense folks are normally called the Ghosts Group, as they are only dealing with ghosts.

The tank , fortunately, stays clear of all these netherworld nonsense, and focus on removing loot from Efnisien’s rapidly cooling body.

The fight starts when the acolytes and skeleton adds are first pulled from Necromancer. The dps attacks the adds and acolytes only, leaving Necromancer to chase Ryan. As Ryan races across the bridge, the necromancer decides he have not had a meal for a long time, and he needs to return to his square rest his scrawny frame. WHILE watching his guards get cut down.

This is what staying in the sewers do for you kids.

Eventually we finish off all adds, and Ryan pulls necromancer to this corner near the bridge. The bridge near the entrance to this platform, not the ghost bridge.

#protip : never pull necromancer to ghost bridge. They will never have enough humor for a joke this big.

Good news : Necromancer doesn’t do much physical damage. Bad news : he does an atrocious amount of cold damage. He shoots a small cold dart instead of melee, so it may not be easy to move him.

His attacks seem to ignore most of your armor too. (Physical resist)

He is one of the few bosses to consume the entire shield wall before 5 seconds are up. (See screen shot)

Periodically he does an aoe lifesteal as well, like Hrungnir. Maybe it’s a sewer thing. Shield wall for the life steal so he dies faster than his enrage timer, twenty minutes.

I needed HP regen elixir and sugar-free sweet rolls to stay healthy. The druids build IS a huge factor as well. Have been solo healed with no issues.

Takes about half a million kills, … OK maybe 10 kills, to finally drop the recast bracers I was talking about.

Now anyone can see the bracers have crap stats. However, it cuts down the cool down of shield wall. At my current build ,with shield wall skill ring hot swap, shield wall absorbs 4.7k damage over 5 seconds. The cool down is reduced from 18 seconds to 13.5 seconds.

That means I can squeeze in about 20% more shield walls in every fight, and the CD will be easier timed for the special attacks.

This is no Godly Proteus Bracers, but it’s a good alternative for now.

Are you using your dream gears now?

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