Delivering the smackdown on Smolach

You know how it is, just another day at Carrowmore Tunnels. Hearing shouts of “160!” “180!” and charging down the ogre infested tunnels.

There we were, minding our own businesses, getting burnt marks out of the latest Jester fashion wear when a shriek shrilled through the dark tunnels.

Another dragon?

“A spring dragon, to be exact”, said Lord Soth. The magical energies of his tattoos glowed briefly as another shriek filled the endless corridors.

“It’s time to face Smolach the annihilator!”

Now Ryan have faced two dragons in total. This is a third one. Should not be too difficult yes?

He was wrong.

As the company circled around the green serpent, Ryan beckoned Bernice the Pink Bear, and leapt right in.

Expecting a huge fiery breath, Ryan raised his shining shield, Cuhcullain’s Bastion, and shouted a warcry for good measure. The dragon’s great talons slammed hard against his shield, and flames burst in its wake.

Though protected by Lord Soth’s magical wards, Ryan could feel himself growing weaker inside, as if the flames were burning away at his soul.

The shield suddenly became an immense burden, his armor nearly immobilized him. Fear gripped Ryan as cold sweat ran down his brows.

“Bash it! Stop it from healing!”

The cries from his teammates fell on deaf ears as his own heartbeat thundered. And it was all he could hear.


The most important skill to bash on the dragon is Rekindle. It heals the dragon and he or she casts it very early during the encounter.

Unfortunately, the cast speed is unlike Hrungnir or Proto, you do not have more than 1 second to bash it. The only way is to time it.

The dragon casts rekindle about 6 seconds after shield bash cool down is up.

If you even have the energy to cast it, that is.

The dragon also does a rend attack, which places a dot that removes your energy quickly. In a few minutes, all your energy will be gone. Even if you shield wall the attack, the energy sapping dot will still be applied.

Ryan kicks Brer Lapin, and the hare bares it’s long teeth and bit Ryan in the leg, tearing off a tendon as a loud wet crunch was heard.

OK…., the rabbit is still working. Just not hard enough.

Right before casting rekindle, the dragon reapplies the dot, making it increasingly difficult to bash it.

With a good crew, however, the dragon will eventually fall and give up it’s awesome loot.

Unfortunately, Ryan rolls a one on a warrior necklace.

Miraculously, no one else rolls. And Ryan wins the upgrade! Dragon was slain and loot was , well, looted! It’s a great day indeed!

Ryan was using this lux necklace.

And this is the nifty upgrade with 150 vitality.

Which dragons have you slain? Which are your favorite fights?

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