Star of David

Jumping in and just doing as told is easy.

Making sense of how tanking actually works is beyond Ryan, however. Berla’s words are making his head hurt, even more so than when mages tried to explain magic to him.

Shaking his head and uttering a curse beneath his breath, Berla picked up a stick and scratched a shape on the ground.


These are the three main stats we can get from our gears, food, elixirs, potions and spells:

  1. Vitality powers a tank’s abilities and provides the health pool. (1 vit = 6.25 health) Health pool can also be gained from direct Health stat and also health% stats. (Kite and horns)
  2. Evading attacks reduce attack damage to zero. Dexerity = 2 x Defence. Defence allows a tank to evade auto attacks. Evasion stats allow tanks to avoid skills/spells like Fortitude (Physical attack skills), Warding (Spell attacks), Vigour (Damage over time skills), Willpower (Debuff, stat reduction skills), and Reflex ( Movement impeding skills).
  3. Resistance simply reduce incoming damage of a certain element / type. Physical damage are reduced by armor. Hence, armor is a resist stat.

Information from Celtic Heroes forums and (

A large health pool allows a tank to take hits. As many hits as possible.

Resistance reduce incoming hits so more hits can be taken within the heath pool. Like all stats, resistance is not linear, and faces diminishing returns. At ~1000 the amount of resisted damage reduces significantly accordingly to this chart from Celtic Heroes Forums made by Swan. (details here) At 1000 resistance, the average resisted damage is from 25% – 75%. However, adding another 1000 resistance only increase the resisted damage by ~8%. Diminishing returns does not mean stacking a stat is bad, it just means that using that gear slot for another stat can be much more effective use of that slot.


Evasion reduces the chance of hits landing, thus allowing more hits to happen before health pool runs out.

The priority is generally in that order. Health pool first, resistance second then evasion. Evasion is good but it is not dependable. High health pool and high resistance makes health bar movement very consistent, and happy healers. Low health pool, low resists with high evasion will mean that the health bar may seldom move at all, but when a hit do land it can remove more than 50% health. An unlucky streak can kill an evasion tank easily.

This form the basic survival triangle of survival stats.

The next Triangle as follows :


Aggro forms the basis of tanking. Without aggro, the mob is not hitting you, all the survival stats become pointless. Getting aggro and holding aggro is pinnacle.

Skill stats. Skill levels and the stats like melee combat, vitality (for example), ultimately determine the amount of survival stats the tank has, as well as effectiveness of other utility skills like Shield Wall and Shield Bash. Melee combat determines how often shield bash lands, and it also contributes to additional armor, and defence boosted by Defensive Formation and Protective Stance.

Timing and position. Having shield wall up, and shield bash landing at the right time makes a world of difference for all fights. Mordris uses a debuff ability and a high damage skill right after. Breaking skill combos, and deflecting debuffs are the key to survival. having the mob at specific positions allow healers and dps to maneuver much less during a fight to increase their uptime. Some positions can either leave the healers unharmed throughout the fight, or they may have to use 50% of their time to stay alive. This 50% of the time will mean less heals on the tank, and dps.


*This, imho, forms the basis of tanking, and how the stats are correlated. I felt it was fitting to make a post with festive elements to it.

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