Proteus Base Part 2

Gorpo assigned Ryan to tank Proto Base, and Tyler for the adds this time.

Tyler asked if 15 points into warcry is enough to tank proto adds. Now I have shrek-like ogrish fat fingers, and typing on the CH key pad is definitely not my forte.

Before I could even finish my reply, he had already reskilled. I did not have the heart to tell him Ryan have been tanking the adds with barely even 10 points in Warcry.

Now warcry is really only needed for 3 things in this particular instance :

1) Grabbing aggro when teammates bring the back adds to you.

2) Building initial aggro.

3) One button throughout whole fight.

Unfortunately, the game mechanics work against tanks. Having enough points for all skills is actually impossible without levelling. But levelling beyond 220 is a tanks bane as higher levels equals lower aggro.

Fortunately, we only need very low Warcry for the first 2 functions.

To build aggro, a nifty trick I learnt from Wow days, we only have to land one taunt on every add once in a while and they will stick to you like gum on shoe soles.

The rotation which I find rather effective, is :

1) Warcry

2) Taunt

3) use offhand ability or sweeping blow

4) def formation (try to stay in a group for max aggro)

5) select next mob and shield bash it.

Rinse and repeat.

Even if you have low Warcry like Ryan, you can quickly cycle through the mobs with the above rotation, and it’s much better than having points sitting in one skill that is only useful for a few fights.

Now for Proteus Base, I have great help from Ghosts girl and Deirdre, both great healers with a wealth of experience to share. The 3 vital points for tanking Proteus are :

  1. Position
  2. Shield bashing “attempting repairs”
  3. Shield wall Optic Ray.

Positioning the boss well means a world of difference for DPS and healers.

Taunt Proteus from top of the stairs right opposite of the entrance.

Move towards the pillar as indicated in the image. As Proteus moves to the stairs, return to face him and tilt him towards one of the pillars.

This way the healers and dps can find safe spots amidst the battle.

As Proteus’ health start to dip around 30% , he will emote “attempting repairs” in orange. In a few seconds he heals for a huge amount of health. If unstopped, the raid will not be able to beat the 15mins timer, and face an enraged Proteus making druid meatballs and spreading the tank across the floor like strawberry jam.

Tanks, and additional bashers, have a 3 second window when Proteus emotes to shield bash him. Rogues’ expose must be up on Proteus at all times.

Proteus may be rather difficult, and demands full ESL armor aura too, but he drops Doch Gul , the next upgrade to EDL. He also drops braces that are 2nd only to BT braces.

Do you already have the braces?

*Proteus: guide part one 

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