Hammer time!

Someone was screaming about poison, another was shouting for potions.

Ryan looks around as the chaotic battle rages around him. Over forty mighty heroes in full Exalted Dragonlord armor, some even don the rare Doch Gul yellows, scrambled about as magical vegetation sought to swallow them from the ground itself. Gigantic vines reaching to the skies slammed hard upon golden shields, magics exploding in bursts of fire and ice.

“Steady bashers!” shouted Camronn.

Ryan could not tell if his attacks were even effective on the monstrous plant in the middle of the field. It’s attention was on Camronn, but the poisonous vapors around it was killing everything the green tendrils touched.

A bright green aura surrounds Bloodthorn, the broken roots and hacked thorns begun to grow again in impossible speed.

The time was now. Ancient magic laced with rare metals smelted into wicked designs were being slammed hard into Bloodthorn’s ugly bulb in painful succession.

The plant stopped in its tracks, the evil healing magic disrupted.

Shield bashing takes timing. All of the end game bosses have mechanics that require disruption, and shield bash is a great disruption tool warriors bring.

Just ensure Shield Bash skill level is at 42, exactly.

Do not shield bash early, do not wait for too long. Most of the abilities are about 1 to 8 seconds right after your shield bash cooldown refreshes.

Keep the messages expanded.

Here is a list of such bosses, and the warning emotes to time for :



The troll will give an orange emote “Hrungnir begins to feed on dark energy!”

Proteus Prime and Proteus Base

Proteus Base Celtic heroes
Proteus Base
Proteus prime Celtic heroes
Proteus Prime
Proteus prime Celtic heroes
Proteus Prime

Proteus will emote in orange “Proteus Damage sustained. Attempting repairs.”

The sneakiest one is Bloodthorn.

Bloodthorn emotes in white “Bloodthorn is casting regrowth”

The orange emotes are not for bashing.

*Edit : Every few 3 to 7 minutes BT casts Corrupted Carapace.

Bash this over regrowth. The amount of resists that BT gains outweighs the heals regrowth gives. Also, we managed to bash 3 out of 4 corrupted carapace today and the kill was 12 mins instead of 15mins usually. (We never thought to bash this until it was brought up on Celtic Heroes Society Facebook page by Evans)


Gelebron emotes in orange “Gelebron prepares his barrier.”

Your bash level MUST absolutely be at level 42. Not a single level higher or lower.

Do not waste bash on “Gelebron summons his servants.” which is in orange.


Smolach emotes in white “..Casting Rekindle.”

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