Pacific Rim

Celtic Heroes have it’s moments. Definitely, but the game has limited content, and Ryan’s atrocious rolls meant that gear upgrades (read toys) are limited to once a very blue moon.

Boredom inevitably sets in like dew in the mornings. We log onto the game for raids, bounties, cheap stuff on ah and the occasion drama in Farcrag Castle.

Having consistently bad rolls can be depressing. Being positive about situations are key to longevity, hence Ryan decided this negativity can be passed on and shared with unsuspecting folks.

The question is how should Ryan troll?

The new chests also introduced the Japanese Oni fashion, both annoyingly out of place in a Celtic universe, and the silly Xmas lights the unleashed full set offers.

Seeing someone with the fashion is one thing, having the lights flashing in the screen but unable to look away is another.

The start of the project, the key, the very essence, lies in the growth charm. It is rather rare and pricey, but luckily Ryan have friends who can loan him the charm.

Scaring folks into corners is fun, but the true joy lies ahead. Spending jinks on AH has never been more fun, every piece is a piece to an extremely rewarding jigsaw puzzle.

Finally, the walking lightshow is complete.

What started off as a purely innocent plan to annoy folks turned out with unexpected results : fighting bosses felt like living in one of the old school Japanese Ultraman shows. Clash of monsters, if you may.

Ryan ended up standing as tall as a four star EDL boss, and 30% shorter than a six star.

Fun times. How do you entertain yourself in game?

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