Trololol Factions

Humans are heat engines, and gets hotter when things do not go their way.

Bad loot roll is one of those nasty not-their-way-going things. Hence, an unfortunate string of bad rolls can only mean that we will need to troll unsuspecting folks to vent. And soon.

Ryan recently got rewarded with a new toy in the weekly get boxes : a red lich charm.

Someone posted a call for tank for a factions run. A light bulb flares in Ryan’s troubled mind, he grabs the giant growth charm and the Red lich fashion from the bank and leys to the Corrupted Gardens.

“Still need a tank?” Ryan shouted.

“Sure! thanks for coming.”

They probably got a shock when they saw a giant lich flying their way. And an even bigger shock when they realized the lich is their tank.

Nevertheless, they had little choice in the matter, and it was fun seeing some of them cringe and flee when I run towards them for the green circle.

Surprisingly, the fight was not too messy, though Ryan got a few oddly satisfyingly rude messages on how the fashion was confusing them.

It’s a guuuuuud day indeed.

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