V for …..

Lightning tore across the sky, a boiling cauldron of angry colours. Ryan could not name them, though, and scratched his helmet with his gauntleted hand.

Ryan did not know colours could be angry, or joyous , until Edward pointed it out. If his little bard brother was here, he would not just name the colours, he would write an song in a blink, and sung the haunting melody, strumming his golden harp. Thinking of his brothers always cheered Ryan up.

Ryan rode alongside the young hunters who call themselves <Honorary Rabbits> atop his mighty bear in pink, while his trusty rabbit hopped behind them. The horizon dotted with bobbing beholders, creatures of only a huge eye and cruel razor claws. They patrolled around the dark lands, guarding some unspeakable scheme, waiting to feast upon any adventurers that dared to challenge the Tower of Gelebron.

“Tis just right ahead, and it’s six stars”, mumbled Cogan the druid, a guardian rabbit.

The multiverse are full of strange characters indeed, Ryan thought.

The land rumbled as the great green beast’s shape rose over the mountains.

Ryan still could not believe he is leading a band of young hunters for dragon hunting.

He have come a long way in this strange world. A long way indeed.

He readies his spear and shield, and tapped his bear to charge at the great dragon of autumn.

The legacy event dragons are pretty much tank and spank. While some of their abilities may be shield walled and bashed, it does not critically affect the battle. The rekindle heal spells normally cast at 1.0 second, absolutely random, heals for very little, doesn’t hurt the fight if not stopped at all.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

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