Dal Rita Short Story Chapter One -Encircled Moon

A silver blur thundered down the stone path, and startled the pack of wolves, which, seconds ago were busy tearing each other apart. The wolves quickly turned around, gathered into a deadly formation which stopped and surrounded the unicorn and her green cloaked rider.

A common danger unites even the bitterest of enemies.

Hunger drove fear out, as aggression took over; the wolves began to close upon the unicorn as a snarling, drooling ring of death.

They were hungry, and patience required a filled stomach.

“Quick Zee! Let’s go help the rider!” Ryan shouted at a lazy Zeeshan dozing near a cliff that hung over Heroes Landing. Zeeshan yelped as Ryan’s boot found his soft side.

The duo raced down the grassy slope, made golden by a setting sun that was unusually cold.

One of the wolves leaped at the green rider, fangs ravenous for blood. A hand darted out from green woolen folds, and skillful fingers drew bright blue runes in the air. The wolf froze in mid jump, gripped by a gigantic invisible fist. The other wolves, natives of Del Riata, recognized magic, and the certain death of crossing a mage.

“Warden Aurora!” Zeeshan exclaimed. His darting eyes already traced the insignia on the Exalted Dragonlord Grimoire, the two knotted buns along the outlines of her hood, and hair in shades of twilight that reflected on her silken tunic. At the back of his head, he counted the number of wolves on each side, and prepared to shadowstrike onto the next one that could leap onto the warden.

“Oh its you, Warden Aurora!” Ryan stammered, a little angry at himself for always being the slower one.

The wolves, startled by the display of magic, and the duo charging towards them, ran off into the wintry slopes and disappeared over the horizon.

“Fellow Wardens”, Aurora pulled back her hood, her soft steady voice pierced the air with urgency, “I am afraid we have no time for pleasantries; for death is upon us!”

-To be continued.

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