Dal Riata Short Story Chapter Two – A clamor of clans

The tavern was bursting with activity; clashing of ale mugs, swords and words rang loud across this part of Dal Riata. As the trio marched past the Eastern Docks, Ryan was amazed at the crowd that was gathering.

The huge timber structure was one of the few buildings that existed before the first wardens marched through the portal to the Other World.

The tavern has its fair share of locals, predominantly dock workers and High Shore villagers; the current crowd was definitely not of the usual fanfare.

Clad in full gleaming golden Doch Gul armor, Sinder of clan Infamy sat silently among clan Pride. On his side, clan Pride members chatted heartily among two separate long oak tables.

Berla the Great was mouthing incomprehensible profanities, while a chef disappeared hastily into the kitchen.

Ryan could see Zeeshan working his way across the huge hall, haggling prices and making jokes. Loch motioned for Ryan to join the table. Around the central oak table sat Clan Samsara. Vikka, Loch, Asna, Daedrich and Dank chatted while rich wine flowed.

It was a gathering of heroes, it was a clamor of clans.

Oisin the Warden stood in the center of the room, the blue glow of the tavern leystone bathed him in its cold scintillating light. Beside him, was Mirain the Seer.

Everyone have traveled far.

Oisin the Warden raised his hand, and the chatter subsided. His brows were knotted gravely. He cleared his throat, and heaved a sigh.

“Heroes, thank you for answering the call. We have received news that the vaults beneath the sewers are once again threatened.” Upon this, commotion exploded around the room.

“We have slain the monstrous Hrungnir, Warden Oisin. We killed it, and killed it, and killed it, and watched it burn into tiny bits. Have it risen again? Could it?” Fletcher the ranger inquired in disbelief.

“A mage named Slugrim sent Lord MacLir a message, and unveiled the mastermind behind Hrungnir!” the Warden bellowed, silencing the crowd.

“Decades ago, Efnisien, an accomplished mage of Dal Riata who, poisoned by the jealousy of the power and favours his peer Gelebron had gained from Branwen, decided to seek his fortune in the realm of the dead, the Sidhe of Donn.”

“While we had believed he was gone, little did we know that his acolytes have been operating within the murky vaults, just beyond the sewers beneath Castle Farcrag itself.”

“Slugrim’s message was clear, his master have returned from Sidhe a necromancer!” Oisin again raised his hand to silence the whispers that erupted again across the hall.

“The fact that Hrungnir was Efnisien’s creation speaks how powerful he is, and the vile plans he have for all of Dal Riata!”

While moments ago the mood was jovial among the tables, silence now hung in the air. Hrungnir’s master have returned from the realm of the dead and now threatens all of Dal Riata.


“Why have you called us here, Warden?” A tall and slim figure in black stood in front of Oisin the Warden.

“You are wearing the colours of Wardens, my heroes!” Oisin exclaimed.

“What I meant was,” the rogue paused a moment, staring down Warden Oisin “why did you call ALL of us here?” his presence was imposing, his voice authoritative.

“A necromancer has powers over death itself! We do not know how strong he have become….”

“We know what to do, Warden.” the rogue interrupted. “And with all due respect, do advise the others to…. not to stand in our way. The spoils are ours.”

With that, the clans of Dal Riata clashed in heated argument. The heroes embroiled in internal conflict, while darkness festers beneath Castle Farcrag.

“A rift began to form amongst the Wardens of Dal Riata. On my side, there were those whose minds were strong, who stayed loyal to Nuada and the other Celtic gods. Our opponents were none other than our fellow Wardens, who had now unified under one goal – to seize the Discs and open the prison, releasing Crom Cruach once more into the world!

A mighty battle followed. Never have I seen such bloodshed, as the Wardens fought each other under the dark skies of the Otherworld. When the dust settled our enemies lay dead around us, but of those who had stayed loyal only six remained – myself and the other Wardens you see around you now. The time of the Wardens as we once were was at an end.” -Warden Oisin, Stonevale

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