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Dal Riata Short Story Final Chapter – plus c’est la même chose

“Are we dead?”

The Wardens looked around ,perplexed ,at the blue shimmering swirls that enveloped them. Some of them remembered dying …

“We are safe, for now.” Xavier said, “we have to hurry. We only have one chance, so everyone listen very carefully…”

Efnisien saw the white blue glow of Time magic pulsing around the bridge, and covered the remaining Wardens. The undeads near to the light slowed.

In a flash, the light was gone. All of the Wardens stood high atop the bridge, renewed and shiny. Their eyes blazed with confidence and purpose.

“I have power over death, our victory is inexorable. Efnisien said to his acolytes, as his fingers danced in front of him with a trail of green glowing runes.

“Your efforts are for naught, I will send you against Gelebron himself as my fiendish soldiers!” Efnisien exclaimed, and a huge blast of cold erupted amongst the Wardens.

Another green glow of light bathed the platform, and the Wardens suddenly appeared right beside the Necromancer.

Efnisien eyed the traitorous Slurgrim with contempt, and prepared another spell to fend off the Wardens.

“Destroy them my minions. Grind them into dust!”

Efnisien’s undead army began to converge at the platform; the Wardens were caught fighting at three fronts.


“Fools! You are now trapped –” Before Efnisien could finish, another green glow appeared at the entrance of the cistern.

The shrill of a battle horn rang across the murky vaults. Captain Grun shouted from across the cistern “All of Lir’s Reach are here to do battle with you, foul necromancer!” An assortment of Castle Farcrag militia, Highshore guards, Temple Clerics and barbarians from the Peninsula charged through Slurgrim’s green portal.

2013-08-07 08-37-53.792.jpg

Slurgrim could see a change among the Wardens. They were no longer a chaotic mess of shouting clans. Each of them moved with a purpose. Each of them knew their role, and acted like the hands of a skilled surgeon.

A group of Wardens stationed themselves at the bridge connected to the glowing green piles. Sweat glistened upon his chest as his fiery red hair flowed over it, Camronn shouted a battle cry to rally his group into a defensive formation. The undead, answering the call of their distressed master, charged at the steel-willed Wardens, rotting flesh, bones, and steel smashed into a gruesome mixture.

The undead cascaded onto the group like a waterfall. And surged against the Wardens with an evil unnatural might.

The Wardens held their ground.


Cut off from his reinforcements, Efnisien grew angry and frantic.

The warriors surrounded the Necromancer and performed a cacophony of slamming their shields into his face, which interrupted his spells. The rogues spun around him, looking for weakness in his magical shield. The rangers emptied volleys after volleys of arrows, while the mages chipped away at the Necromancer’s magic. The druids met the necromancer’s every attack with combinations of wards at perfect unison.

The Wardens’ precision and timing would have put even the finest clock maker to shame.

Eventually, the Necromancer fell at the orchestrated efforts of the union of clans.

“Where is Xavier?”

The Wardens, victorious, gathered and prepared to ley to Castle Farcrag. They looked around, but could not locate the mage.

Slurgrim spoke, “You were pulled into a pocket dimension using Time magic. Your mage friend was using Time magic.”

“It is forbidden! Using Time magic taps on ones own lifespan…” Warden Oisin’s voice trailed. “I am afraid your friend is gone. Warden Xavier is gone.”

The Wardens looked at one another, silently. It took one selfless act to unite the clans again. For how long? No one could say….

A few moments later, they were clamoring and searching for loot which the Necromancer had left behind.

“Alrighty, Godly FB Skull. Blues roll now. May the odds be in your favor.”


“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” 
― Winston S. Churchill  

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