Food for thought

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I believed Sweet Rolls to be one of the best tank foods, with 420 def and 70 health regen at tier 1. (I am a firm believer of high Defence)

However, on the official forums, it was made known that ALL food regen do not work in combat. This means that ONLY 420 defence was applicable. The 70 health regen was absolutely useless.

I had chosen Sweet Rolls because of :

  1. Highest Defence Stat
  2. Ease of stocking up (read cheap and good)
  3. Health regeneration.

Lamentations aside.

The best tanking food is really Goose Liver Plate, packing 240 Vitality and 400 Defence at tier 1. It is a rare recipe, so, as it is in real life, the chef is not going to let you have it for cheap. Unless you guys are pretty tight, and on first name basis.

In short, enjoy your Foie Gras mates. Ignore the cholesterol.


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