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Stat points for a Tank

tanking Celtic Heroes Stats

*Note – you might have noticed that the blog posts names are getting less ambiguous. A relatively new player I met in Taranis wanted to start tanking, and he asked me to link my “guide”. Hence, I am trying to make these blogs most useful and search engine friendly. Hope this helps you, Conor.

All stat points come from two sources, primarily the 5 points gained every level, and from Armor, Weapons and Jewelry. The most important tank stat, Vitality, is covered here.

The health pool is basically what stands between you and a giant robot named suspiciously similar to Optimus Prime pounding the squishies in your raid into little abstract art pieces on the Arcane Sanctum floor, titled “Shattered Dreams of Ds Ps and Ses”.

Yes, a healthy health pool it is pretty important for a successful raid.

For most tanks, all stat points should be allocated to vitality.

If your gear is vitality heavy, and defence is low, you can decide how much defence you will need and place points in dexterity (1 dex = 2 defence) to compensate.

There are no perfect numbers, high vitality should always go hand in hand with defence. (resists will not be discussed here, as it can only be gained by gear, with the exception of Physcial Resist via vitality from Protective Stance. )

For example, the full Skain Ironroot Set is Defence Heavy, hence stat points can be safely deposited into Vitality. The Skain Ironroot charm is a hefty 540 defence (270 stat points) alone, not to mention the attack you gain from the dexterity helps you smack the smile off Proteus’ shining face (auto attack).

The Garanak charm has 100 vitality and 300 defence(total 250 stat points). You gain some Vitality and lose some defence. Garanak is lower level than Skain, so statwise it is slightly lower.)

Focus on the overall amount of Vitality and Defence, there is no need to burn through alt books to find the “perfect number”. Every tanking encounter is slightly different. You will want very high def when doing adds, and a good health pool to soak Gelebron’s Eldrich Scourge.

My stats when I first tanked Gelebron was 18k Health, 5.9k Def . I tanked North Root, and also took over Bloodthorn when the MT dced, with only 21k health, 6.5k def. Did not die even once. (Yes, the healers are that good on Taranis.)

Word of advice? Dont sweat the numbers. Focus on taunt, positioning and getting shield wall and shield bash timing right. Pop a combo lix and you are good to go.


Useful References :

Iron Root Set Guide

Stats of Armor Sets (DL/EDL)

Advanced Tanking Stats Explained

Tanking Necklaces Comparison

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