Blood and Thunder!

As the cracks in the archmage’s body grew, so did the light that was emitting from within him. While Ryan had not noticed it at first, the light seemed to pulse from a power source that was building up inside the archmage’s body.

Unable to finish his incantations, his shield and his runic powers began to wane as the remaining crystals were shattered into pieces. His guards were held back by mighty warriors; enraged they could do nothing to help their master.

Mouthing a wicked death curse, the archmage explodes into a magnificent burst of golden light.

Gelebron was no more.

From the shattered pieces of the crystals, Ryan spotted a cackle of lightning dancing off what seemed to be hilt, or a handle of sorts. As he brushed away the crystals shards, he could see his own reflection upon gleaming axe staring back at him in amazement.

As his steady fingers closed around the handle of the axe, lightning shot up his arm and pain erupted all over his body. He nearly keeled over, but bit his lower lip and placed his weight on his right heel. He could feel his body shivering from the surge….

Pain transformed quickly into a force of energy in his veins. A wave of heat radiated from his arm, and poured into the rest of his quivering form.

He felt a surge of energy. Lightning continued to cackle around Ryan’s armor, as he turned the axe around to inspect the ancient runes running along the blade. He no longer felt pain.

He felt more alive than ever.

Nearly every successful cartoon franchise have a means that could call lightning to strike at unsuspecting antagonists. Its part of the secret recipe to gathering millions of fan base. Because it is absolutely cool to play god.

I just got my first Gelebron axe. Rolled a sweet 94. Its a win that is worth more than my entire account.

Besides packing more vitality than a blue pill, the nifty axe also contains a bonus skill, called innocently “Aetheric Cleaver”.

The skill hits for up to 6500 damage, and calls down lightning to smite your foes.

Yes, you get a calling-down-lightning-to-smite-your-foes animation.

Congrats me. This is one toy that can entertain me for a very very long time.

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