Ability Cool Downs

I often find myself wondering what are the CDs of some of the abilities when timing them against boss’ abilities. Here are some for quick reference.

Poacher’s Defense 1min

Cuchulainn’s Bastion (CG Offhand ) 1min 30 secs

Health Kite / Food / Elixirs / Potions 10secs

Enduring Guard 1min

Defensive Formation 1min

Protective Stance 1min

Shield Wall 18secs

Shield Wall w 40% BT ring 10.8secs

Shield Wall w 30% BT ring/Necro Recast brace 12.6secs

Shield Wall 25% Necro Recast brace 13.5sec

Shield Wall 20% Necro Recast brace 14.4secs

Natural Focus 16secs

Frenzy 16secs

Taunt 6secs

Shield Bash 30secs (this means almost all boss self heals are also approximately on a 30sec CD timer/window)

Shatter 18secs

Aetheric Cleaver 45secs

Blazing Destruction 45secs

Double Attack 16secs

Rupture 16secs

Pummel 10secs

Reel In (Fishing) 18 secs

Catch(Fishing) 30sec

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