FAQ Days : When will the Huntsman Band be worth it?

Besides sharing the name with an exciting Hollywood remake of Snow White, this ring has been the staple Best in Slot item among tanks for years.

With the release of Corrupted Gardens, and the sweet T4 Lich rings the nasty undead are willing to part with, after a pesky amount of reputation grind I might add, the Spectral Ring of the Huntsman seems to be facing very stiff competition indeed.

The defence gain from the huntsman ring will be around 700 for EDL tanks with average proto braces.

Speed boosts aside, the T4 Lich rich adds 150vit 450def, which is roughly equivalent to 375 stat points. The hunstman ring adds approximately 350 stat points on an EDL tank.

Once the tank gains higher defence, with blessings from Proteus and Bloodthorn, the Huntsman Ring can scale rather ridiculously high. At 6000 def, unbuffed, the ring can offer a whooping 900def (450 stat points).

Of course, the extra evasions from the T4 Lich rings should be factored in as well. The Spectral Ring of the Huntsman also offers a nice mobility boost when unmounted, which is pretty rare for tanks these days.

The Huntsman Ring is an artifact from an older era, how it translates and still maintain its “Best in slot” status in this current BT loot prevalent market remains to be seen.

At this point, it seems unlikely new tanks will be willing to pay millions over a ring that does not offer much stat improvement. Only tanks with Godly gears can actually see the difference.

How much are Huntsman Rings selling on your server?

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