s’il vous plait – Waiter, check please.

After hitting 1600 Cooking mastery, Ryan feels the need to get some return on investment from cooking.

So he made some Bara Briths, the go-to food for most melee dps, and started to sell them at Castle Farcrag ….. only to realize he have no idea how to price them.

Hence, he decided to note down the cost of making each food.


At 1600 mastery, the average chance of getting exquisite bara briths was, incidentally, about 16%. At max mastery the expected chance of getting exquisite bara briths should be around 18 to 20%. The same was observed for all recipes using ruby extracts. Ths sampling size for Fruit Cake and Bannocks were the largest. Over 4000 were made.

Hence, we will use food cost of 5 x the required non exquisite version to produce one exquisite. (20%)

The average cost of farmed mats are about 40g on Taranis, ranges from 30g to 50g.

The cost of Bara Brith was observed to be 1755g (800 Saffron cost + 80g ruby cost + 5xFruit Cakes cost (175g each)).

Selling them at 2500g each will be a nett profit of approximately 745g. The time spent to make enough fruit cakes for the exquisite ones is another story ….



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