Ten Commandments of Tanking

Perhaps it was the fact that snow had stopped falling entirely.

The horizon was clear; months of accumulated miserable blindness was finally lifted by the golden warmth of the sun. Snow fall, no matter how crazy the snow ball fight gets, simply dulls when food gets scarce as Lir’s granaries get depleted.

Perhaps it was the winds finally bringing the fresh smell of flowers, grass and the sea.

Perhaps it was a great many things. Ryan knew change was already underway. It was the kind of change that creeps up slowly, but so great and inexorable it changes worlds.

A lot of his comrades had not survived the harsh winter, and the devastating monsters that assaulted Dal Riata. While they emerged victorious, the battles extracted a heavy toll on the guardians. Sonjia, a mighty swordsman with prowess in both decimating opponents, and holding his ground with his shield against gargantuan golems named Proteus, was one of the painful loss Ryan found difficult to overcome.

Spring brought new visitors to this plane. Ryan saw a multitude of new adventurers, hungry for loot and thirsty for blood. Recognizing his role in this endless cycle, Ryan began training some of the new warriors on the fine art of staying alive.

We have a slew of new tanks coming into the server, impatient and eager to smash their shields against ugly wizards and carnivorous plants. It seems fitting to come up with some handy fast tips on how to enjoy the role of tanking.

Thou shall keep your buffs up.
A tanks buffs come from his abilities and items. Defensive Formation, and Protective Stance are staple to every tank. They have different duration, so do pay attention as Protective Stance falls off sooner. Although they do not clip autos, they do eat up a lot of energy if not used effectively.

Elixirs and other consumables should always be stocked up, as you never know when you will be called to action. You should always have Heroic Elixir of Regeneration, Heroic Elixir of Defense, Heroic Elixir of Armour, and also Combos for health boost. If not using rabbits, Energy Elixirs are also required.

Notable Tank foods are Sweet rolls and Goose Liver, though I always keep a batch(1-3k) of health foods like bannocks or fruit cakes handy as well.

For Hrungnir, EDL 205 and EDL 195, special pots are also required to combat debuffs. Hrungnir require Smuggler’s Tonic, and the 2 EDL bosses required Pink and Blue eldritch potions respectively. The eldritch potions drop off the mobs at every level of the Gelebron’s tower.

Thou shall learn boss fight mechanics.

While this may sound like a no brainer, there are too many new tanks coming to fights expecting every fight to be tank spank thank you ma’am.

Where’s the challenge in that? Why even tank?

For example I saw a tank taking on Sreng. After getting body slammed, he loses aggro and Sreng starts choosing a new dance partner for cha-splat. He immediately asks for bolas and just stays on Sreng trying to dps. I asked him why don’t he taunt and gain aggro back, he said it’s useless because it will happen again. He gave up.

The tank loses aggro for a few seconds when stunned, and then try to gain it back. One or 2 unfortunate melees get splattered every 20odd seconds is better than having the Ogre run amok for the whole fight. Not every fight the boss stays on you like a wet chewing gum.

Learn the mechanic. Position the boss so the raid is optimal poised to heal and dps. There are guides all over Celtic Heroes forums and this blog as well.


Thou shall not sweat the numbers

Of course, having the right stats are important. However, the right stats do not equal success.

If I have a dollar for every new tank who wants to compare stats, I…. I guess would have many dollars.

This tank has way better gear than I did when i tanked Gelebron, but keep asking if he had the stats for EDl, for Proteus etc. Stats are important, sure, but its the other factors as well. I had only 18k health and 5k plus defence. For good measure, just pop a H Combo and go to town.

Dont worry about the numbers, focus on the fight.


Know thy healers.

Ok we are not asking you to marry your healer. (although you should.)

On a serious note, tanking is quinessentially performed by both the warrior tank and the druid. 5 star bosses and other soloable bosses aside, of course. Not all tanks are created equal, and neither are your healers. Know their capabilities.

Most importantly, thank them.

Thou shall keep shield bash at 42

This is one rule that if broken, makes huge armored warriors weep.

When a bash lands, it makes the other bashes that are lower level (even by 1) resisted.

*see image.

For example, in Gelebron fight, a warrior called Ryan has level 43 or higher bash. He sees Gelebron’s orange text “Casting Barrier” and enthusiastically hits the shield bash button, nearly cracking his gorilla glass screen in the process.

Gelebron has a 0-3 second delay from the orange emote to actually casting the spell. So when Ryan’s shield bash lands, Gelebron had not cast the barrier on the crystal yet. After 5 seconds of stun, Gelebron proceeds to cast his wicked barrier spell. The other warriors try to bash him, but he has gained resistance to all shield bashes below level 43 for enough time to finish his barrier spell. A good raid would be able to recover from this, though it is needless risk the raid should not be taking.

Just keep your shield bash at 42.

*To be continued…..

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