Ten Commandments of Tanking part II


Know thy support.

You are not alone. End game bosses have exorbitant amounts of fortitude ability to evade our taunts , shield bashes and pretty much everything we have to throw at them. Taunts that do not land is a risk of losing aggro, and shield bashes evades allow the ugly baddies to heal themselves, or arm themselves with even more insane resists.

Rogues’ arsenal of abilities include Expose Weakness. This reduces Boss’ ability to evade all special attacks, including Taunt and Shield Bash.

Sometimes the DPS have are lacking. Sometimes we did not have enough lures. Sometimes the boss enrages. This is where rangers’ Bolas come in handy. Kiting a boss with Bolas means not being in melee range. Shield Wall when the Proto throws optic pewpewlazer beams at you, and keep the “yor mama” jokes up.

Druids have nifty spells that makes a tank feel like a caped Kryptonian. The amount of buffs druids offer warriors works even better than cod liver oil with chia seeds combined.

  1. Health Boost
  2. Resistance
  3. Damage Absorb
  4. Armor Boost

These support abilities all contribute to successful tanking even against impossibly huge odds. You are not alone.

Thou shall max warding and fortitude.

This is the warrior tank’s equivalent of going to the gym. Except you only have to do it once and the muscle mass stays on. Forever. Guide here.

If you think you can avoid the gym and look good…. well why are you even reading this Mr Chuck Norris?

Thou shall reach T4 in Lich faction.

The Lich faction at Tier 4 offers one of the best tank rings. Just max the faction with dailies and weekly quests as soon as you can. You wont regret it.

Thou shall keep a dps set.

Tanks spend a good deal of time taking on giant ogres, trolls, undeads, automatons, dragons, evil wizards and even carnivorous plants, so our dps can be free to vie for the killing blows.

Just as Superman needed an alter ego, your tank needs to do bounties and kill gladiators as well. It takes my tank 16 whopping minutes to kill one extractor in Arcane Sanctum. A bounty quest asks for 4-6 of them. That is on average one hour to one and a half hour per bounty. Just by swapping one lich ring for haste runic ring, poachers ammy for runic ammy, and one bracer for lich bracer (100 cold dmg), the time spent is more than halved.

There are also often times more tanks than required. Rather than standing around looking pretty, and wait to bash, the extra tank can swap to a dps set and haste for extra damage on the boss.


Know thy role.

Tanking is simply a role.

It is too easy to be seduced by the whole “main tank”, all-eyes-on-me, everything-depends-on-me superhero ego boosting trap.

A tank is nothing without his healers, and support.

Before any fight, check that ego outside the door, because an inflated ego helps no one during the raid.

A tanks role is to reduce raid damage as much as possible. Tanking does not always mean the mob have to be on you. It just means making decisions so the raid survives as a whole. Sometimes you need a second tank. Sometimes you have to be on adds.

At the end of the day, the only Key Performance Indicator is a successful raid.

Remember to thank your healers.

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