The Best Pets for a Tank

Morning filled Castle Farcrag with a bustling of chitter chatter at every corner.

A chirpy Zeeshan led Ryan through the crowd gathered around the castle square. Ryan could see sacks of gold coins passed around, as merchandises of all kinds exchanged hands. A pirate eye patch that glowed magically with a purple hue, a dagger with dragon bone hilt that had seen countless backs of ogres and trolls alike in the Carrowmore Tunnels, and even helmets forged with Dragon scales were common goods. Some of the haggling got violent, and insults hurling eventually turned into a small fight. Zeeshan held Ryan’s arm, and told him to wait.

The fight somehow ended in a transaction. It was all part of the show.

Shaking his head, Ryan felt more alien in this strange world than ever. He wondered how his companions were faring in other worlds…..

“Ryan! Come look at this!” Zeeshan shouted.

Dressed in a beautiful brown coat, a man with a barrel chest held a squirming rabbit by the ears, and was talking to a wizard with glowing green tattoos. Behind him, Ryan could see a huge colourful assortment of animals in cages. Boars, mastiffs, chickens, spiders, wolves, eagles, dragons, and even phoenixes were inspected by eager buyers.

“I think you should get a pig, Ryan. Beanie always bring his pig to battle.”

This is a strange world, with stranger people indeed. Ryan thought to himself.


Tanks need friends. Besides a trusty battle mount, Celtic Heroes allow adventurers to bring along their loyal animal companions as well.

Question is : Which animal companion is best for a tank?

Let us take a look at the stats the max pets at highest tiers offer :
Healing Pets

Funny Chicken picture (1)

Giant Silver Chicken : Heal over time + 180 Dexterity + 300 Attack + Movement Attack Evasion

The chicken is the funniest pet to ever bring to Dragon battles as the tank is standing directly in Dragon Fire. (Crispy or original?)

Fowl jokes aside, before we ruffle any feathers, chickens bring a small heal over time effect for the tank, about 500+ per tick. The total heals is nothing to brag about, nor can it help in a raid boss fight, but it helps to keep a tank alive when he is soloing.

180 Dexterity translates into a nice 360 Defence, though the total attack and movement attack evasion are not the most helpful stats for tanks.


Giant Golden Hare : One time Heal and Energy regen over time + 180 Focus + 180 Resist Magic + 300 Spell Attack Evasion

The golden hare may not look much, especially since brer lapins does not grant any immediate tank stat at all.

The rabbit heals for an instant 1200, not huge but a nice self heal for both raids/solo, and grants a nice 200 energy per tick on top of the 180 Focus. 180 Spell Resists stacked with 300 Spell Attack Evasion is very nice, as almost all bosses have Spell Attacks. (Optic Ray etc, and almost all of Gelebron’s special attacks are spells)
Tank Stat Pets


Giant Silver Mastiff : Medium range pull(Canine Bite) + 180 Vitality + 180 Resist Crush + 300 Physical Attack Evasion

The Mastiff is one of the most overlooked tank pets in game. It has a very nice medium range attack that helps you to pull mobs to you.

All of this dog pet’s stats are helpful to tanks. There is nothing to argue against 180 Vitality. 180 Resist Crush is situational, as crush only makes up a third of all types of physical attacks. 300 Physical Attack Evasion helps a lot on physical special heavy bosses like Proteus and Bloodthorn, much less on Gelebron.

maxresdefault (1)

Giant Yellow Spider : Melee Poison Attack Damage over time + 180 Dexterity + 300 Attack + 300 Wounding Attack Evasion

The Spider is a hybrid between tank stats and damage dealing stats. While they deal one of the highest single target damage, Spiders are not recommended for tanks. (Total tank stat points : 180)


Giant Tan Boar : Reflect damage to attackers(Feral Protection) + 180 Vitality + on use 180 Armour + 300 Defence

Boars seem to be a staple for many tanks, and they do have the best tanking stats next to Phoenixes. The on use ability gives the tank a “thorns” or “riposte” effect, and deals melee damage back to attackers who auto attacks on the tank. It is not much damage but it is a good aoe aggro generator.

180 Vitality, and 180 armour and 300 defence are all the best stats tanks need. There is little question why this is one of the best tank pets for end game raids. (Total tank stat points : 330)


Giant Pheonix : Cone attack (element depends on color) elemental resist reduction + 240 Focus and 240 Vitality + 1000 Fortitude and 1000 Warding +190 all Resists (250 resist to the color you chose)

At first glance the Phoenix seems like a hybrid dps pet, the stats quickly reveal themselves to be top tank stats. 240 Vitality, while lower than the total stat points provided by the boar, is pure health pool for those who have problems getting vit gear.

The phoenix is the best tank pet for boss fights with a lot of special attacks, as the bird packs a ton of resists, as well as both physical special attacks(Fortitude) and spell attacks (Warding). For tanks who have difficulty with boss autos (defence), the boar is the better choice.

While both the Pheonix and Boar pets offer very good stats, the phoenix is not for entry level players, as the eggs cost about 2m on Taranis at the moment. (approx. 12m for Pheonix, vs 5.12m for boar with 128 tokens) (Total tank stat points : 240 w resists and evasion)

Giant Dragon Hatchling : Cone attack (element depends on color) + 120 to all stats + 1000 Critical Stike and 1000 Critical Skills

The dragon is easily a hybrid tank and dps pet. Helps a lot with bounties, but does not min, max stats. (Total tank stat points : 240)
Utility and Others

Giant Silver Eagle : Melee Attack and Evasion Reduction + 180 Focus + 180 Resist Magic + 300 Wounding Attack Evasion

The Eagle does not have any tank stats, but this birdie does reduce the boss’ evasion. It makes your taunts, shield bashes and warcry land more often. While there are situations where it may be able to help a raid, it should not be used by the tank. There isnt a situation where you will be solo and is bash critical.

Not recommended.

Giant Red Wolves : Melee Attack + 180 Strength + 300 Attack + 300 Physical Attack Evasion

These are very nice for DPS. Tanks are not dps. Not recommended.

The self heals for both pets are useless when you have more than one druid healing you. Self heal pets are only good for soloing, or when you do not have druids. Otherwise, stat pets win by a mile.

Having 3 pets is super expensive and takes over a decade to gather enough bounties. Choose one, and complete the pet to highest tier first. Mine is a bunny,

Another important factor is simply which animal would you like better to travel together with? Would you like a sleek wolf padding along and leaping onto unsuspecting giant roots? Or a funny chicken bobbing beside your bear mount with its two tiny feet? A loyal Mastiff chomping down on squishy wizards?

Which pet will you choose, and why?


  1. What about seeds. Can you update it with those as well. Curious about seed vs phoenix everyone’s opinion on it is different


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