As Ryan dived into the waters, playful bubbles pranced around his cheeks and his eyes stung for a brief moment.His vision cleared quickly, and he could immediately feel the entirety of his weight disappear with the effervescence; along with the worries he could barely remember at the back of his mind.Ryan loved the sea, and swimming always relaxed him.Was it the lightness of being? The weightless feeling of being carried in the endless motion of the sea.There was nothing hard, or strong, or weak, or quick within this fluid world. Everything simply glided upwards, or downwards.Sunlight pierced and floated along the watery depths in a spiderweb of faceted dancing rays.Nothing was too bright, or too dark. Nothing was too fast, and all moved as one with the ebb.Ryan knew that Ian disliked swimming; he said it made him feel helpless.A great shadow was cast upon the waters, and it darkened Ryan’s world immediately. Sensing danger, Ryan quickly reached the surface.Cool air filled his lungs, Ryan looked up saw a dragon perched along the coast of Lir’s Reach.The dragon looked back at him.”Oh sh….” Ryan thought.4005556156962_cat_export_typ_75_rgb_648About time an event hit the shores of Dal Riata! This ones a Dragon Event that coincides with the release of the last season of Game of Thrones too!

Dragon Carnage Event Returns!

Mordris gets 2 more dragon friends in his pit, and his spawn is 6hrs instead of 48hrs.Aggy is also 6hrs, and gets a 210 5star friend too!The server had a reset at 3EST, and we after downed Hrung, we found Mordris having tea with a Green Dragon and a Yellow Dragon.Taranis United made quick work of the trio, as we have been in anticipation of the new Dragon.Busy weekend, we expect. Details in this official link.

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