New dog, new tricks

The Dragon Event brought us 4 Mordrises, 4 Aggys and 12 dragons a day, so you can imagine how we want to be able to kill with better efficiency.

Bucci, a veteran who recently joined Taranis, brought us fresh ideas on how to do just that. He came up with the idea of not wasting time by killing the priest, and have a tank offtank it away from Mordris instead.

Now the priest have the irritating habit of healing the trolls and dragons to full health, hence we want her away from action as much as possible.

We tried and tested a few positions, and found the absolute furthest point of her aggro range. Any inch further and she will reset and run back to her Mordris dearest.

We tried the new strategy over a couple of Mordris fights, the strategy worked for most parts of the fight, except the priest’s aggro table is inherently different from all other mobs in game. She has better AI, and will reset the top on the aggro table, then head for the others, which is usually the healers. She will also periodically go back to Mordris as well, which put us in a panic mode rather quickly…. There is no way to stop her, except slow her with bolas.

Even taunting her for a few minutes did not help. She must be already used to my bad jokes. All in all we had pretty good loot across the weekend, most were druid gear. Better druids meant easier tanking.

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