How to set Blazeroot

Although the game saw a surge of new players a few months ago, the activity dwindled quickly with the opening of the new and final season of Game of Thrones.

No spoilers, I just finished episode 3 myself as I write this. The sheer excitement, the speculations all take time away from Celtic Heroes.

As such, we saw the big plant in Corrupted Gardens kicking the collective asses of Taranis for an entire week. Some emergency, drastic plans were drawn out to entice multi devicers to log more toons. I am pretty much against it, but Ryan have little say.

We have seen many of them going auto afk, and staying dead for majority of the fight. While I do not doubt their greed, I greatly doubt their ability to perform and make the numbers count.

This Bloodthorn fight I was assigned to set South Root. On Taranis, we keep blaze up.

To make things easier, the whole setup can be explained in 4 steps.

Step One

Taunt Blazeroot, and run to the corner of the map, down the slope, as shown. Stay away from the nasty stuff on the floor, and you can even save a purification potion.

Step Two

Taunt Blazeroot again, keep shield wall up to stay alive, and move into the corner on the left. This will pull Blazeroot more towards the corner.

Step Three

Once Blazeroot is directly in front of the corner you ran into at Step One, move in between Blazeroot and Bloodthorn, step right beside the circle base of Blazeroot.

Slowly, inch towards Blazeroot’s circle base. As you enter the circle base, Blazeroot will move backwards. Use this “push” method to move Blazeroot right into the corner you ran into at Step One.

Step Four

When Blazeroot is cornered into the, well, corner, keep taunting and shield walling to stay alive until blazeroot reached Tier 4 on his list of buffs. Call it out and have the dps come in to pewpew until its down to approximately 15%.

Keep taunting, have your healer stay with you and keep fire ward up.

There is no special ability Blazeroot has that can punch through a maxed fireward, though a string of unfortunate autos can kill a tank. Keep taunting, have buffs up, and stay alive. Chat with your healers so they do not doze off.

Once BT dies, congratulations. Try not to leave before your healer does, though.


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