Pants, they were shat in

So we had a surprisingly good Gelebron run, smooth 10ish mins. Didn’t have to relix.

Did not win anything but a mate, Berla the Great, won a dark crescent axe. He in turn swapped the axe for a nice package of 2 spear rings and BT dps warrior charm.

Happy for him!

We moved on to Bloodthorn. Did not have to wait long, and we managed to gather forty strong.

I volunteered for south root duty, though I hated it.

I did not farm purification pots… (#protip as a south root tank, you don’t need any.)

We managed to down BT, and someone shouted “Godly Tank Neck”!

The only other one that dropped on Taranis is being sold for 70m gold!!!

Rolled a 80, and won! Sometimes its not how high you roll, but how low others do…..

I could not believe my eyes! It’s my biggest win yet!


*Yes, I made this blog just minutes from getting the win.

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