Tank’s first look at the great Ostara 2019 update

The siege against Gelebron grew from days to weeks, and weeks expanded into months. Months slowly seeped into years of battles against the endless machinations of Gelebrons Tower.

Combat skills and magical prowess eventually lost standing to endurance, strategies and scavenging enemy loot to forge new armor replacements.

A team was dispatched in the wee hours of the morning, though within Gelebrons Tower time was of no relevance: the golem machines do not sleep.

Ryan charged into the wizards first, drawing their fire. While fireballs bounced off Ryan’s shield harmlessly, Dangar’s arrows found their mark and sent the wizards screaming to the ground, clutching at their chest.

The screams brought golems clanging in from the north corridor, their heavy shadows raced towards Ryan, Lappins and Bernice.

The first two golems crashed headlong into the ground as their huge legs found a wicked string trap waiting for them. The other two golems spun around as the last golem fell from an obliterating blow by a shadow leaping onto it’s back.

The shadow darted around the golems, and in a flash, they all crumbled to the floor, unanimated.

The shadow stepped into the light, Ryan was glad she was in his team. Dank winked at them and motioned for them to press on towards the wizards camp for the stash of alchemical vials.


The war had begun to wear on the heroes. As the seasons cycle in the celestial wheel, heroes came and left Dal Riata in numbers.

Ryan soon felt his time on this plane was ending. He wondered if Aurora Moon will be able to help him find his teammates among the planes. Locating Shmi would be his best bet. Or he could start at the City of Doors.

Just as they were unloading the last vials, a great commotion erupted around Ryan. He did not see it at first, but the world itself seemed to be changing.

Ryan was not unfamiliar with planes warping, deities walking the earth, and planeswalkers so powerful they moved mountains with will alone.

A great change is happening. This plane is being updated.

He will be staying, it seems.


After the announcement by Difinitus, we all waited eagerly for the update to happen. Given only a few cryptic images and tight lipped friends from beta, we can only imagine the excitement of this event.

Firstly there are 2 vendors, one sells a paper for an outrageous 100000, the other sells upgrades to bracelets and necklaces.

The tank pieces, at final upgrade are very attractive.

The recast bracelets are a combination of Gelebron bracer’s skills and necro cool down reduction. The sheer amount of skills plus the cd reduction plus the 900 melee combat  make them Godly indeed for hotswapping.

The necklace is simply drool worthy with stats that will give even BT necks a run for its money. It’s a close second to the Godly BT neck of shielding, and would be top if the strength were Dex.

There are two new pet types.

This piglet is simply the tank’s version of bunny. Is it worth refunding a lvl 6 full tier bunny? Mhmmm it’s up to individuals.

The Piglet gives a Chicken Heal over time instead of bunny’s heal on demand. My preference is still bunny’s heal on demand, though. The energy replenished is on demand, instead.

The new seedling pets are now top for melee dps. The Voltroot will be top for the new dragon, with its magic damage.240 strength AND Dex, and 100 magic damage. The salveroot gives heal over time effect, though I have no idea how much that ticks per second at the moment.

What do you like or dislike about this new update?

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