Five things I wish I knew before I started tanking.

Playing the warrior can be the easiest class, or the hardest.

It largely depends on what you, what you get, and what you want.

When the tank strike happened in 2018, when my warrior was barely level 190, it meant that we did not have tanks for dl and edl bosses. I struggled for months; it was a difficult time to gear. In the end, I decided to don the shield and tank the bosses myself, thus beginning my journey as a tank.

After studying Taalia’s guide, I sold everything and managed to scrape together enough for the Dragonlord shield. Red ritual crowns went for 600k each, and I had to exchange an important proteus tank bracer that was gifted to me, for a red crown when I had nothing else. It was a bad exchange, and in retrospect I would have not done the exchange.

I realized tanking was an entirely different game, and here are some personal observations.

1) Tanks take hours to do bounties.

Tanks die very slowly, but they also do everything a lot slower than everyone else. The most obvious difference is when we are doing bounties. At level 220, we sometimes get bounties to kill the golden fat boys at Arcane Sanctum. They take about 15mins to kill, each. Some of the bounties require seven of those. That is 2 hrs just for one bounty. Sometimes we even get the same kill seven fat boys bounty back to back.

Get comfortable, because we are not going anywhere for a long time.

2) Tanks are poor.

Most of our income are gold from boss drops. As a tank, we are usually grouped with druids, and not admitted into the cool kill groups.

With gimped killing speed, tanks cannot farm any mobs effectively as well.

What about solo farming bosses then?

3) Soloing bosses requires gear and elixirs.

Being able to solo bosses requires a lot of patience, and a healing pet. Sometimes, it takes expensive gear and Elixirs, which the poor tank cannot afford in the first place.

Health regen foods do not work in combat, making the bar even higher.

Most of the lucrative six stars also come with an insane amount of health. And they also enrage, putting them out of reach. Having friends around helps, heaps.

3) You need a dps set.

Most warriors I know who turned tanks burnt their bridges by selling their dps gear for tank gears. Tank gears tend to be the most expensive gear, next to rogue.

Tanks are not the most popular class to bring around, but they are not unique snowflakes as well. Many occasions there are other tanks, and extra tanks will need to swap to a dps / bash set to pull their weight.

It is good to keep a dps set for bounties as well, cuts killing time from 15mins to 5mins.

4) Tanks need a good supplier for elixirs and food.

Food and elixirs are essential to playing our roles well, and also to help the entire raid.

Our stats are the only thing in the way of a sixty foot tall fire breathing dragon cooking sizzling adventurers mcrispy style. The healers keep the health up, and we should make their jobs as smooth as possible.

Tanks generally go through crates of health regeneration elixirs like an Aussie go through Jack Daniels.

Tanks don’t earn gold quickly either, getting a supplier that empathize with the tanks dilemma goes a long way….

5) Tank gears are expensive.

The progression of a raid depends on how far the tank can bring them. Hence, clans with strong tends are able to progress really quickly.

This also means that tank gears get very precious and expensive.

Having coin saved when levelling helps a lot when bidding for the crown to finish the shield, or paying for the proto Dex bit def bracers.

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