Life’s most persistent and urgent question.

For those of us decked out with BT and Gele gear, full EDL and Dochgul, it becomes a trap for us to slip into the elitist mind set, and forget that we all started somewhere as a noob.

This question popped into the warrior forums recently, and it was one of the most asked questions I have encountered. No warrior is born with ample red ritual crowns, unless they are alts.

Question in Warrior Forums

As we inspect both shields, they do seem viable for mid game tanking. Which of them should we use, for certainly the tank only has one arm to wear the shield, and the other to wave frantically to attract the local healer’s attention.

For the lone wolf, the one warrior brave enough to take on a sea of hungry teeth and shiny broad axes on his own, that or he could just be that kid who forgot his textbook and was too proud to borrow and was then often unceremoniously sent to the back of the class alone. Regardless, he should don the Runic Shield of Fortitude.

That said, the warrior who have the luxury of more friends who share his swashbuckling tendencies, should wear the Runic Shield of Endurance.

The solo warrior tends to pull less, and chug more potions and elixirs.

The solo warrior

The Fortitude Shield packs 1260 health more, which means a bigger health pool to work with and Elixirs tend to replenish health based on percentage.

The Endurance shield does not have vitality, but reduces more damage from all physical and elemental sources. It also slightly increases the chance to evade attacks as well. The warrior who tanks for his group tends to pull more, since Timmy the rogue does not like to watch where he stands.

Last we checked, “Get these imps off me! Aaaaaaah” is not a healing spell, so tanks will have to taunt off more adds from the healers as well. The value of being able to reduce damage from every hit increases exponentially when they are more adds hitting on you than a girl dressed as Rinoa in a cosplay party.

Simply put, Fortitude shield increases self heals from elixirs while Endurance shield scales better from bigger pulls. In midgame, resists and evasions does not suffer much from diminishing returns.

There is not a huge difference between the 2 shields. If you already bought one, no need to fret; either will serve well until the RNG Gods grace you with the Red crowns for your Dragonlord Shield eventually.

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