Did someone order a knuckle sandwich?

While there are many guides on Celtic Heroes forums, few are updated for 2021. Dhiothu have added a myriad of exciting new possibilities, and one of them is hand to hand combat; in the form of the infamous new knuckleblades.

For over half a decade, Celtic Heroes have had no expansion for hand to hand combat. The was none for Carrowmore Tunnels, Gelebron and even Bloodthorn. It’s a weapon that never made it to endgame.

Where’s the punchline?

Now, with four tiers of this bad boy, hand to hand combat seems poised for a return to the fighting scene. All these seem very exciting, except for one letdown : warriors are not allowed to use them.

What about rogues and rangers then? How will this weapon affect endgame? And how to best capitalize on this weapon on your new toon named Saitama? If you are lucky enough to add this weapon to your arsenal, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad

First of all, the strongest advantage of this weapon is also its greatest weakness; the weapon is one of the fastest in game. Hence, it reaches haste cap easily, but the base damage becomes weak in comparison to all other weapons that also reach haste cap with a heroic haste. The extra speed is wasted when you pop a heroic haste.

Skills that scale off base physical damage perform lower with this, than with Gelebron weapons.

Secondly, there are no BT or Gelebron jewelry for Hand to Hand combat. The only ones that provide a lot of hand to hand ability synergy are also from Dhiothu. Hence, without a set, you are starved for attack. Rogues are greatly disadvantaged, and although rangers get a decent attack and damage boost from skills, a melee ranger will have very few skills to do the tango with, since most of the high damage abilities require a bow equipped.

Gele Daggers also hit haste cap easily, and have a significantly higher base damage. Edl dagger is close, but packs a divine punch that way outclass the magicp damage afforded by the knuckleblade.

The good


This knuckleblade is obviously built for PvP. The weapon, paired with just a reaper ring, hits 1190 attack speed, which is very close to haste cap. Since you can’t be constantly popping lixes in Arena, this baby gives you the best damage vs speed balance with no consumables required. Even the Dhiothu neck comes with interesting stats like defence, which are otherwise useless for a eg raid perspective. Those who doesn’t like to keep popping elixirs will love it. You know who you cheap asses are.

The weapon gives an on use ability that adds 750 elemental damage to every auto attack for the next 20 seconds. It is pretty decent for raids and lock battles, as you can wear it, pop the ability, then swap to your main weapon.

Only downside to that is that it is a very expensive hotswap item. The 750 elemental damage may sound pretty op theoretically, but it really only adds 2000 to 2500 total after eg raid boss resistance is factored in. Also note that for locking, you will want to pop as many high damage abilities as opener. Hence, the chances of clipping those knuckle sandwich enhanced autos are very high as well.

In summary, this weapon looks really nice for a novel arena rogue or ranger, albeit a really expensive build.

Happy hunting!

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