You are not alone – How to solo Sreng

Some of the things that they do not mention about in war stories, is how sweaty it gets in your suit of armour.

How your perspiration and blood, hopefully not yours, can blind you mid of an extremely tight situation like being surrounded by a party of halberd swinging orcs, and the orc chieftain charging from the corner.

Ryan kept his shield up against the cacophony of steel clanging hungrily on it. He counted the steps the orc chieftain Sreng needed to close their gap, and then dropped suddenly to roll onto the side of the huge stalagmite in the middle of the cavern, keeping him at range.

The orc chieftain roared impatiently, and slammed his own henchmen aside in a bid to get to stranded knight. The armored orc flew for over ten yards before bouncing onto the floor like a ragdoll. A red glow flared Sreng’s beady eyes as he stared down at Ryan’s Exalted Dragonlord Sword carefully.

Ryan knew reinforcements would not come in time; there are still six healthy orcs left, and a bloodthirsty orc chieftain to boot.

‘Oh well’, he thought to himself, ‘I have had worse odds’, and promptly charged at Sreng.

How to solo Sreng

Build : Tank

Consumables : Heroic health regen, haste, attack, armour, defence lixes, 3 x bara briths and the occasional fruit cake.

The only two things to do : stay alive and do enough dps to beat rage timer. At this point in time, most of us are already overgeared to not worry about either. If you have all six adds on you they can be pretty nasty when you miss a slam, but it is still doable.

He does a combination of attacks : Great Strike , Corruption Touch, Chaos of the Deep and Body Slam. The Great Strike will always happen first, and the other 3 attacks will follow closely in a cycle. The only attack to focus on is Body slam, which is a 1 second cast and stuns you for 5 seconds. This is extremely detrimental to your survival, as well as beating the rage timer. After he casts Great Strike, prepare your shield bash and cast immediately when he starts Body Slam (average 30-40 second cycle). He does not have high evasions, so your chance of it landing and disrupting is high. However, he may still evade or you will be slowed due to latency so just try to interrupt as many as you can.

The other classes that can possibly solo Sreng are druids and rogues.

The main bulk of the damage comes from EDL weapon, it does approximately 113 unresistable dps (~ 2.7 procs per minute at 1104 speed after heroic haste lix on average 2500 damage)

As long as you keep interrupting his Body Slams, your EDL proccing, and your green bar above zero with health regen lix and fruit cakes, you should be rewarded with DL drops soon enough.

The most difficult part about soloing Sreng, is to convince folks passing-by to not join in the fight. Sreng drops crowns, highly lucrative Dragonlord weapon parts too, which makes it even harder to find him alone. After more than a year, we finally did it. The video no one was waiting for. Enjoy.

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