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The Warrior class of 2021 (Part One)

Much have happened since 2017, some of the guides have been made outdated. The latest guide for warriors in the forums were done back in 2014. Let’s try to update as much as we can for this long awaited 2021 event.

First and foremost, kudos to the writers of previous guides, and those who took time and made the effort to help answer the questions in the forums. Thank you.

This guide is split into 2 parts, Tanking and DPS.

The Warrior Tank of 2021

The Warrior Tank of 2021 update

Stats – All in Vitality, as explained here.

Skill Points –

Taunt 42 if using full EDL, 50 if using DG leggings

The virtues of using 2pcs of DG is nothing spectacular compared to using the pures on a dps, but there is a slight difference. You gain 750 defence, 1250 health(non vitality), and 600 to physical and wounding evasions; at the expense of 250 all resists and 321 armor, as well as 16 skill points. The armor and resist loss translate to about 8-17% extra damage taken, depending on how much armor and resists you already have, and which boss you are facing. So when is the tradeoff worth it?

Almost never. It helps a bit when you are tanking a raged Dhiothu, where the autos hit much harder than its spells after the x5 rage multiplier at 11k-30k per 1.5 second. Most tanks would not be able to take 3 direct auto hits anyway, with or without the mitigation, so the 750 defence pre lix and super pot can help reduce incoming autos much more effectively then.

Protective Stance 42

Shield Wall 44 with maxed CG Shield

Shield Bash 42

Defensive Formation 42 if using full EDL, 50 if using DG Boots

Warcry – rest of your points

Enduring Guard – None

*all points are based on Full EDL except otherwise stated.

Details on the skills here.

Gears –

Armor should be full EDL

EDL Helm can be replaced by BT Godly/Imp/Roy/Maj/Mighty Bloodfang Helms of Endurance, or

Mordris Voidscale/Shadow/Darkscale Helm of Night/Knight/Crusades. *BT helms do not remove DG/EDL aura, Mord helms do not remove EDL aura.

Neck : BT Godly/Imp/Royal Bloodleaf Pendant of Shielding,

Dhiothu Godly/Imp/Royal Eidolic Necklace of Valor, or any of these.

Misc : BT Godly/Imp/Royal Bloodleaf Charm of Shielding,

Skain’s Frostroot/Ironroot/Spiritseed/Stonebark charms, and

Godly/Imp/Royal Silverweb Charm of Chitin (alter the skill points in Protective stance and Shield Wall accordingly)

Bracers : Dhiothu Dagda/Godly/Imp/Royal Bracelet of Shield Wall,

Proteus Godly/Imp/Royal Dex Vitality Defence/Health Bracers,

Gele’s Godly/Imp/Roy/Maj/Mighty Aetheric Band of Chivalry/Strategist,

Monolith’s Godly/Imp Vanguards Bracelet of the Summit,

Faction Shrouded Lich’s Bracer of Fortitude,

Nercomancer’s Necral Band of Shield Wall,

Dhiothu Dagda/Godly/Imp/Royal Bracelet of Taunt, and

Mordris Godly/Imp/Roy/Maj/Mighty armlet of Taunt.

Rings : BT Godly/Imp/Royal Bloodleaf ring of Shield Wall,

BT Godly/Imp/Royal Bloodleaf Band of Shielding,

Shrouded Lich Band of Fortitude, Godly/Imp Emberdrake Ring of Battle,

Skain’s Ironroot/Shrivewood/Stormleaf Ring, Hrungnir’s Godly/Imp Stormward Ring (vs Dhiothu)

Mainhand : Dhiothu Void/Shadow/Dark Hammer/Axe of Earth/Sword of Ashes,

Gelebron Void/Shadow/Dark Axe of Celestial Might/Lunar, and

Mordris Void/Shadow/Dark Halberd of Vitality

Offhand : CG/DL/EDL Shield

Mount : Bear, Hellsteed

Pet : Salveroot Seedling, Festive Reindeer, Hare, Soulbound Imp, Boar, Pheonix, Pig details here

*the main difference now for pets are the Spirit Versions. They scale defensive stats very well, though exceedingly expensive. Depending on what you are tanking, they all work differently.

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