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Best friend with (best) benefits

Billowing smoke gradually opened up, and the clamour turned out to be a bustling caravan park. “Bele an Us” was painted red and gold into the sides of the wooden vehicles. In the middle of the clearing, was a huge bazaar made up of tents.

Ryan felt the weight of his belt pouch, and walked into the tents confidently.

Fantastic wares from other realms

These travellers from another realm, Belenus, brought trinkets and goods that amazed Ryan. He smiled politely while putting up a palm at a giant cat beckoning at him to a stall of beautifully crafted crystals. He must not be distracted, he thought to himself, he had an important goal in mind. Though the gold and rubies he had saved through years of killing giant flowers and red dragons was enough to buy a small kingdom, he knew they would be easily emptied by a merchant with a silver tongue. He pressed on ahead and reached a palace of a tent that hung a sign “miSFiTs”.
“Peace be upon you” Ryan greeted and walked in and saw a man eating plant.

“Ah, come on in warrior!” The merchant smiled as he munched on a celery, ” and unto you, peace. I am Healz, and this is my assistant Vayn.”

Ryan squinted his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden bright light in front of him. A beautiful giant bird glowed with flickering flames groomed her feathers in front of him. This is what he has come for.

Phoenix Pet

There has been some debate between the best pets for warrior tanking. While dps is easily calculated, tanking is situational. There are 3 main tanking situations in the game we often encounter :

  1. Progression tanking. (Raged Boss, under geared druids)
  2. General tanking. (Keeping fights smooth, less druids)
  3. Solo tanking. (Over geared, no druid)

The spirit pets in question : (see this post for details)

  1. Spirit Phoenixes
    320 Vitality – powers your taunt, and all other defensive abilities
    1250 Fortitude, physical special attacks
    1250 Warding, spell attacks
    250 all resists including Poison, 320 to the color of the phoenix
    *resists are very rare, and poison resist is even rarer.
    One of the biggest underrated benefits of a phoenix is the breath debuff it offers to the raid as an overall dps gain. The debuff stacks on top of all lures, making phoenixes extremely valuable additions to any raid. Otherwise, the spirit phoenix also offers great tank stats (Focus, as well as cost of phoenix eggs not considered, sorry but your energy can be gained via lixes and pots) This pet’s unique resists makes for one of the best tank pet vs boss fights with elemental damage, making Mord breath easier to handle, almost all of Gelebron’s special attacks except Chaos Vortex, Dhiothu’s Arcane infection, and even Bloodthorn’s poison attacks get a shave off the top. Proteus does full physical, so they dont do anything here.

    Fortitude and Warding are the best tank evasions to have.

    How much is 250 resist worth exactly? Resistance faces diminishing returns, hence 250 resist reduces incoming damage between 5%-20% depending on how much resistance you already have. The magic attacks range from 3k to 15k, so the damage reduction is 150-3000 per spell attack. *Note if the druid brings the right ward, the damage reduction drops significantly.
    Progression Tanking – Bigger health pool, consistent damage intake reduction, increase raid dps
    General Tanking – This Pet is King here.
    Solo Tanking – Pet offers no HPS, and no one is solo tanking Gelebron yet though.

  2. Spirit Salveroot Seedlings
    320 Dexterity
    320 Vitality
    1250 Reflex
    1250 Vigour
    320 Armor (slash/blunt/pierce)
    This seedling offers the best base tanking stats in the game atm. The on use ability is useful for helping druids stay alive, but generally not very good as a tank stat. 320 translates to a whooping 640 base defence which scales nicely with Defensive Formation.

    The evasion is not as good as Phoenixes’, but Vigor is still useful against Dhiothu’s arcane infection and Mord’s breath attacks.

    Tanks generally pack over 2k – 3k armor with EDL, so while the 320 extra armor is nice it also suffers higher diminishing returns when compared to elemental resistances. For progression raids, the armor combined with extra defence and huge health pool makes this the best pet vs raged boss tanking (Gelebron/Dhiothu/Prot/Mordris/Hrung). Raged bosses hit 5x auto attack damage, you need as much defence as possible to push consecutive hits off the table; every hit is between 12-30k damage, druids need time to top you back up and very high defence is the only way to buy them the time.

    At 14k Defence, Gelebron has about 52% chance to hit you, while Proteus Prime has only 40%. Even though there is diminishing returns to defence stacking, the probability of 2-3 hits in a row drops significantly with each decreased percent.

    *No pet will help you survive a raged Bloodthorn; just mutter a curse and grab a snack while the raid wipes.
    Progression Tanking – Best Pet here.
    General Tanking – Highest damage reduction due to reduced autos, but spikey health when taking spell damage.
    Solo Tanking – Pet offers no HPS, but high dmg reduction may mean Health Lix will be enough.
Now that is a man-eating plant

Special mention : Spirit Pig
240 Vitality
240 Resist Pierce
Returns Health and Energy
Porky is easily one of the best pets for solo tanking. By returning Health and energy and packing decent tanking stats, this pet will save you tons of energy lixes, and help keep you alive when the druid is not around.

Progression Tanking – Divergent Spirit pets offer better stats.
General Tanking – The Health and Energy returns help save on lixes but….
Solo Tanking – Best here.

Porky returns health

Honorable mentions : Spirit Hare
240 Resist Magic
Basically the same as Pig, but gives focus instead of vitality.

Honorable mentions : Spirit Boar
240 Vitality
240 Armor
400 Defence
Returns damage to attackers on use.
Spirit Boar is probably the best basic, non-divergent tanking pet for progression raids as it packs the best tank stats (Vit/Defence AND Armor!!??!). It is like the poor man’s Spirit Salveroot Seedling. The on use damage return ability is actually very useful for killing/locking multiple mobs for bounties, as well as add control for DL fights.

Honorable mentions : Spirit Mastiff
240 Vitality
240 Resist Crush
Almost all bosses do crush damage. Mastif wins on looks, imo, and also offers a ranged pull attack.

The verdict : A lot depends on the encounter, raid set up, and how much you want to bring to the table. The most expensive pet is, without question, the Spirit Phoenix. So while it helps heaps with raid dps, should the tank be the one bringing that Phoenix debuff ?

Thats all for now! Which spirit pet have you decided to bring home?

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