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Tribute to Sean Lock

They say everyone experiences two deaths: the first one when the soul leaves the body, and then finally when the name is uttered for the last time. Winner of the 2000 British Comedy Award, Sean Lock (may he rest in peace), passed away at the age of 58 on August ’21.

Sean Lock, captain of 8 out of 10 Cats

As he have brought much light and joy to dark places in our lives, I hope he can be immortalised through a new toon, a Snorri pit locker, and his name will be on screens around the world.

Making a pit locker has been on my mind for a long time, but never had the determination to actually put my thoughts to action. The trick to a successful locker, I believe, was in both getting the right level advantage, and having the type of damage.

Getting the level right

So why is Sean Lock level 200 when he is supposed to be the right level for 180 locking? Truth be told I had goofed there, but it was a good goof. Let me explain: I was searching the interwebz for literature on level penalty, and the literature I could find on most sources stated that the said penalty starts in 20 levels above target. I did a test and the test result was indeed favourable to the theory. One detail I overlooked, was that level penalty was capped at level 220 in recent years, which meant I was wrong in using subjects above lvl 220 and multiplying the differences based on their levels.

Anyway, the good goof meant that I had access to level 200 gears, which meant 200 lux runic dagger adding 120 poison and 40 piercing, 2 proto bracers for strength + attack + vitality, Skain Blood set, and possibly gele mighty rings for hotswap too!

Wait, you might say, Vitality is not a dps stat? When you are a locker, and in the pit there is almost never a tank, you will have the luxury of Snorri giving you the hardest Turkish backrub while you race against death to do as much damage as possible to lock. This is when vitality becomes a dps stat….

With these level 200 gears, I found that it is well worth the 30% lock penalty on Snorri from the additional 10 levels difference. (No penalty for Mordris)

What is your preferred poison?

Offhand : 120

Blood set : 200

Poison Weapon : 160

Shadow bane Spear : 150

Imp Venomjade Ring : 90

Altogether, the gears amassed a nice 700 poison damage. As we all know, poison damage = divine damage vs Snorri, Sreng, Hrung and Mordris. This means that while undergeared level 220s are struggling to get above 3 digit damage, I have a guaranteed 420-700dmg + my base physical and other elemental damage.

Sean Lock in action
Taking names…
Getting kills

I hope that this pit toon will find success in getting Sean Lock’s name on more screens. A meaningful pit locker; a new way to remember him by….

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