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Shaman’s tent – Game Guides

Celtic Heroes came a long way, and a lot of good players have already left the game for good. Some old blogs are now gone, and I am trying to put everything together in one list:

Tank guides

Tank Skill Points Allocation

Advanced Tanking Guide by Immortalius

Skill Evasion Training Guide

Shield Bash Guide

Guide to Tank Stats

Vitality Stat Study

Dragonlord and Exalted Dragonlord armor stats

Bear Mount Guide

Boss Guides

Efnisien the Necromancer : Raid Guide

How to kill Mordris

EDL Quest Bosses : Raid Guide

Faction Boss Guide

Proteus : Raid Guide

Proteus : Tank Guide

General Guides

General aggro guide

Locations for all Skill Tomes

Corrupted Gardens Quest Chain

Celtic Heroes Leveling Guide 1-220

Ability Quests

New Item Drop Locations Guide

Legacy Boss Spawn Location List

Cooking Guide 1-170

Armor Guides

Warden Armor

Other World Stat Bracelet Quest 

Meteoric Armor

Dragonlord Armor 


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